NumericalPropagation is a numerical wave propagation plugin for ImageJ. It features angular spectrum, Fresnel-Fourier and Fresnel-Bluestein methods. Also includes an utilities tool, designed to work with complex data in the form of images.

If you are using the plugin and find a bug, please contact us.


The instalation process is the standard for any ImageJ plugin, download the ".zip" file that includes the needed libraries and extract its contents under the imagej/plugins folder. Please make sure you are running ImageJ 1.48s or superior.


Version 1.2, 2015/08

Version 1.1, 2015/03

Version 1.0, 2015/01


Current release

Older releases


Current release

Older releases


NumericalPropagation uses JDiffraction, JTransforms and the icons provided by the Silk icon set.


You can reference Numerical Propagation using:

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